Budget 2012 Static Caravans to have VAT added

Chancellor George Osborne announced various change in the tax system in the 2012 budget that several previously un-taxed goods including static caravans will now be hit with the standard 20 per cent rate of VAT.

This will take place on October 1st of this year, and could also have an effect on some larger touring caravans to go along with the previously zero-rated static caravans.

A caravan that is "designed and constructed for continuous year-round occupation" will still be zero-rated, and exempt from the VAT but all other static caravans will be taxed at the standard rate, according to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

I am not sure what the "designed and constructed for continuous year-round occupation" means as our caravan is a fully winterized caravan with central heating, extra double glazing and extra insulation so could be occupied all year although our park is only open 10 months.

The caravan industry is urging the chancellor to rethink this plan to save jobs in the already under pressure sector.

Update: well the so called experts in power the government and our MP's have agreed to pass this stupid tax, I feel sorry of the people in the caravan industry who are already under pressure without this stupid extra tax, the amount this would raise for the government will probably be wiped out by the amount they will have to pay out in benifits to the workers who have lost their jobs!


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