MY MGB - Seat Foams and Webbing


After a few months of ownership one thing which became clear was that the seats were far from comfortable especially the passenger seat much t my wife’s annoyance. The seat covers were replaced when I bought the car as part of the deal so I ordered new seat foams and webbing from the MG Owners Club which we quite good value.

The seats were both removed from the car by sliding them as far back as they would go to access the from mounting bolts and then sliding them forward to access the rear bolts. The old seat covers removed by carefully removing the clips and storing them safely. It became quite obvious why the seats were so uncomfortable, the foam was turning to dust and webbing ripped. With all of the foam and the webbing removed the frames were checked over lubricated where required.

The webbing was quite tricky to manhandle onto the frames and it took 2 of us to get all the hooks into the frame. The cardboard backing for the seats was in good condition so did not need to be replaced.

The foams were positioned in the frames and taped up where required to stop them moving. Some people use cling film over the foam to help to get the covers over the foam but we had no problems getting the covers to fit. With the covers on, the clips re-attached and the handles refitted it was time to put them back into the car the same way they came out.

It really is a job worth doing and for the cost of less then 100 pounds for both seats it has completely changed the quality of the diving experience. It is a job that can easily done (although you need 2 people) without any special tools as long as you take your time and don’t rush you will end up with a professional finish.


Seats Refoamed

Some time later the rear seats were changed (they call them seats but they are really too small for anyone over 5 years of age) as they let the interior of the car down. These seats can be bought new but instead I went to a re-upholsterer who did a fantastic job on them.
The front seats are leather however the rear seats even when they left the factory were never covered in leather but imitation leather. We decided to recover the rear seats again in imitation leather but we managed to choose one with a grain pattern very close to the leather front seats. When the job was complete and the rear seats re-fitted it was a very good match and really finished of the interior.




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