UK Winter weather predictions 2011-2012


The reason for mr buying my Discovery TD5 is because I believe (as do many others) that we are due to get progressively worse winters for many years to come and for a very cold and snowy winter in 2011/2012 which will be the worst of the recent winters so far and it is the only way in which we will be able to get about easily and in safety.

Winter 2010-2011 did not disappointed in terms of being a bad winter especially for us in the North East, we had sub zero temperatures and snow on the ground for most of November and December with January and February 2011 being just as cold and but not as snowy.

  Vectra Snow   Vauxhall Vectra Snow   Landrover Discovery in Snow  


These are not just my reasons for a bad winter but have been collated from various weather web sites.

1. La Nina (ocean cooling)

2 Low sun spot activity

3. Gulf Stream stopped or weak

4. Iceland volcano especially now that Grímsvötn has erupted and put a lot of ash into the atmosphere on top of last years eruption of Eyjafjallajokull. There are a number of northern hemisphere volcano's that have gone up this year even through they don't always get the coverage in the press. In Iceland there many more that could go during 2011-2012 these being Hekla Askja and Katla to name but 3, if any or all of these go then the Eyjafjallajokull eruption will be small fry as Katla is approximately 10 times the size.

5. Earth entering a cooling cycle (even though the AGW fanatics will not accept this) Piers Corbyn the  meteorologist, astrophysicist, consultant, and owner of the business Weather Action has stated that this will continue until 2035.

6. I know it is supposed to be an old wives tale but I have never seen so many nuts and berries on the trees and bushes. Some say this is down to growing conditions earlier in the year but personally I believe that trees have been on this planet a lot longer than we have and have survived millions of years and this is defense mechanism to produce more saplings to continue on in future years if the the tree dies in a bad winter.

If just one of these conditions occurs then we will have a cold and snowy winter, if all 4 occur then we are in for an extremely cold and snowy winter (that's why I have a Land Rover Discovery!)

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Following the bad winter we had in 2009/2010 I decided that for this up and coming winter I would have a 4X4 so that we could get out and about with ease and safety so this is what I have just bought a Land Rover Discovery TD5.