Winter weather predictions 2010-2011


The reason for mr buying my Discovery TD5 is because I believe (as do many others) that we are due for a very cold and snowy winter in 2010/2011 and it is the only way in which we will be able to get about easily and in safety.

December 2010 has so far not disapointed in terms of being a bad winter, we have had sub zero temperatures and snow on the ground for most of the month. January and Febuary 2011 I believe will be just as cold and snowy as December 2010 as well as January and Febuary 2010.

These are not just my reasons for a bad winter but have been collated from various weather web sites.

1. La Nina (ocean cooling)

2 Low sun spot activity

3. Gulf Stream stopped or weak

4. Iceland volcano

If just one of these conditions occurs then we will have a cold and snowy winter, if all 4 occur then we are in for an extremely cold and snowy winter (that's why I have just bought a Land Rover Discovery!)



Keep an eye out for the changes and give me your feedback.

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Following the bad winter we had in 2009/2010 I decided that for this up and coming winter I would have a 4X4 so that we could get out and about with ease and safety so this is what I have just bought a Land Rover Discovery TD5.